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Vietnam – Russia potential engagement in automobile industry on media’s radar

A recent online meeting between Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Chernyshenko has aroused the Russian media’s interest in the country’s potential automobile cooperation with Vietnam and the possibility of bringing Russian cars to the ASEAN market through the Southeast Asian nation.

An article published on Russia’s newspaper Independence on November 12 projected Russian cars assembled in Vietnam are likely to be available in Southeast Asian markets.

It noted that Russia is attentive to cooperation in the automobile industry with Vietnamese partners, as it enables the establishment of a centre for car production and export targeting customers in ASEAN member states.

The article revealed that in their meeting, the two officials, who also co-chair the nations’ inter-governmental committee on economy, trade, and science-technology, discussed the establishment of car assembling joint ventures in Vietnam.

Echoing the view, another article posted on the Russian “customs forum” news site also highlighted the country’s attention to setting up these joint ventures and the centre.

The matters were also covered on the Russian Government portal, TASS Russian News Agency, and several other new sites.



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