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Electronics industrial clusters to be piloted

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has instructed localities to review and report on the development of industrial zones with investment projects in the electronics industry with a scale starting from US$20 million.

The reports will be used to pilot a scheme on the establishment of electronic industrial clusters to attract investment from leading local and global corporations to invest in developing high-quality hardware, software, digital content and information technology services, and electronic products.

The reports will cover the development of industrial zones with projects in the electronics industry of over $20 million; the current status of industrial zones with more than 30 per cent area of electronics projects; mechanisms, policies and difficulties; and proposals for the establishment of electronics industrial clusters.

Localities should include projects being implemented by leading global corporations, including satellite projects involved in supplying raw materials, components and accessories.

The ministry also asked localities to list operating projects, revenue, import and export value, and budget remittance in 2019.

The ministry estimated that industrial and economic zones across the country attracted 591 foreign investment projects in the past 10 months, with new and additional registered capital of about $8.3 billion.

They have brought the total number of foreign investment projects to 10,055 with total registered capital of about $198 billion.

The country established 369 industrial zones in the 10 months covering 113,300 hectares (ha) of natural land.

The area of ​​industrial land was about 73,600ha, accounting for about 65 per cent of the total.

Of these, 280 industrial parks had been put into operation with total natural land covering 82,800ha.

Industrial land accounted for ​​about 56,600ha, of which 39,800ha had been leased by investors, reaching an occupancy rate of 70.1 per cent.



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