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Advertisers leverage our digital platform to promote their message to industrial audiences. Whether you are looking to raise general awareness of your business or target a specific audience our campaign solutions offer the flexibility and customization to suit any need or budget. Our platform and resources are designed to generate leads, create brand awareness and deliver on marketing objectives, give you a channel to a defined and targeted audiences.

The Industrial Times commands a large, targeted reach. Our advertisements land in front of some of the most influential stakeholders in manufacturing and industry. Our site receives heavy traffic from the markets you’re looking to target, our various social media channels command large audiences and bring visitors to our site from around the web. We offer several digital advertising options:

– Sponsored of banners on the Home Page, Specific Pages and Article Pages.

– Sponsored content in the form of byline articles, case studies, industry research, infographics, press releases, reports, videos and whitepapers.

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